Carrying Career’s Cargo

Real talk on how to combat the ‘beta 12th ke baad kya karoge’ syndrome.

The first word that comes to my mind when someone says ‘career’ is daunting. The fact that at present every field of study has a multitude of branches and even more diverse sub branches is enough to make one feel baffled and intimidated. Although one can always turn to career counsellors for guidance but my personal experience tells me that they unintentionally confuse you all the more.
Following are a few brutally real pointers on how to choose the path which is right for you.


I’m not a science student but I’ve spoken to enough people to articulate the fact that your future years will be filled with nothing but dread and remorse until you’re a hard-core geek whois fascinated by scientific theories and functionalities of the universe. If even one of the following reasons is solely why you wish to pursue a career in science, I’d strongly advice against it.

  1. You believe it’s a matter of prestige and would earn you a great deal of respect in society.
  2. You believe that getting into IIT is the winner’s stroke for a lavish and successful life, in this case I’d urge you to watch this video on YouTube-
  3. You’re one of the many sheep-like people who generically got roped in the baseless rants about the scope of engineering in this country. Here, allow me to establish that at present this is nothing but a myth. Don’t believe me? Read this study and see for yourself-


Don’t get me wrong, I believe that science is a noble pursuit which is necessary to sustain and advance life as we know it (yes I just quoted the dead poets’ society). I’m just trying to affirm that if you take any subject combination, science or otherwise, just because you’re influenced by people around you, then it is bound to disinterest and eventually suffocate you. To take a more optimistic course, here’s why you should pursue science-

  1. You absolutely believe that it’s your calling.
  2. In case of medical science, you’ve always been compassionate and considerate towards humans or animals and strongly feel the benevolent need of healing and curing the sick and wounded.
  3. You believe in the fact that your discoveries and theories can make the world a better place. (Sheldon Cooper smirks condescendingly)




Sure a fancy well ranked university can be tempting.  In all honesty, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be, after all, one of the most prominent criteria on which the universities are ranked is employability prospects, and who wouldn’t want brag worthy salary package? However, it is essential to keep in mind that the university you end up opting for fulfils your personal requirements too. It should be feasible in all aspects, including but not limited to living standards, demeanour of the professors and course requirements. If the university ranked 49th offers your preferred dual degree in business and journalism but the one ranked 36th doesn’t, go for the former, you’ll thank yourself for it.



It is absolutely imperative that you rely on your own judgement while choosing an appropriate career path for yourself. While seeking guidance from your parents, teacher’s et al is highly recommended, it ultimately boils down to the fact that it’s your life and you will be bearing all the consequences of your decisions. Therefore you might find these tips helpful

  1. Study the websites of the universities you wish to apply for and if viable, visit them too.
  2. Talk to the people who are doing or have done the course you wish to do, if their personal experiences only further ignite your interest then you would know that this is what you’re supposed to do.
  3. Study and make the most of your high school years. Take one extra subject than what is required so as to play on the safe side.
  4. Once you’re on the crossroads of life but remember that what is supposed to happen, will.
  5. Don’t forget to trust your instincts every once in a while, but remember that adding reasonable logic to your decisions makes it much more practical!

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