Editorial April

One of the greatest paradoxes in human existence is the perception of change. One eagerly anticipates change with the wistful thinking of breaking the monotony, only to find one resisting the notion once it has occurred. Its anatomy is surreal. It creeps onto you when you least expect it. However, after a certain point the novelty wears off, and needless to say, one is left in a fix.

Since late, we at school too have noticed a plethora of changes around us. Be it the new students, faculty members or the quirky tweaks in the menu, any student can be seen devouring in the dilemma of mourning what has now become obsolete or to rejoice the feeling of richness that comes with leaving the mess on every alternative evening.

The word of the wise is simple- nothing lasts forever and we must at certain points, both literally and figuratively pack up our bags in order to move from one place to another. In practice, it is far more complex. It is one thing to detach from the emotional and nostalgic bundle of memories and another to look at the intimidating diversified choices that lie ahead.

Despite the tribulations, embracing change is necessary. Following the context, we bring to you a revamped version of the school’s monthly, a change highly called for.

Signing off,

Akriti Sethi

Editor- in-chief

Ecole Globale International Girls School Dehradun

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