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As we take hesitant steps towards the culmination of another academic year, it is hard not to take notice of the drastic shift in tempers. The laughs are supressed; the antics no longer boisterous and grave looks prominent even on the liveliest of faces. A plethora of unpleasant changes all owning to one factor- the dreaded final exams.

But why is it that we shudder at the very thought of stepping inside the examination hall? Apparent reasons vary from parental and personal expectations to confidence and esteem issues. The crux of the matter is that we let these exams, even if momentarily, define our lives.

Even though our teachers and parents play a crucial role in our progress and how we fare at the end of each year, it ultimately boils down to us proving our mettle in the way no one else can.

One anxiously anticipates the day when one rushes out of the examination hall, determined ever to enter again. Yet in the spur of the moment one fails to realise that the whole world serves as a never ending series of examinations. However, the syllabus comprises of the lessons we’ve learned through hardships and experiences that life has thrown our way and the teachers are those, through their own personal struggles, have imparted some of their worthwhile knowledge every step of the way.

A prime and recent example of the aforementioned is the process of elections in the legislative assembly, where the politicians seemingly fight tooth and nail to secure a seat in order to represent their state in the political sphere. They strive to outshine the other contesting candidates in the best way possible. Needless to say, it’s a ‘do or die’ situation, a test of calibre and performance of its own kind. Therefore it is no surprise that for them, the election results day is just as much, if not more stressful as examination results are for us.

Likewise, from a corporate employee struggling to reach targets to a magazine editor hastily wrapping up her work before the deadline, the instances are all around us. So even though these examinations seem like the most important obligations right now, just remember that you prove yourself best when you step out, for that’s when the real test begins.

Signing off,

Akriti Sethi


Ecole Globale International Girls School Dehradun

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