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In today’s age and time, it is essential that credibility and longevity of relationships should be given utmost importance. Owning to the ever evolving technology, it is quite simple to find likeminded people and strike a chord with someone who couldn’t possibly live any further away from you. However, the real challenge lies in differentiating between the relationships which are built on concrete reliability and the ones which do you more harm than good. How often have you found yourself in a situation where you’ve piled all your miseries on someone you thought you could trust, only to find yourself stranded and exposed? I’m basing this article on the assumption that you’re someone like me who has one too many times experienced a momentarily disruption in judgment. It’s something everyone goes through at certain points of their lives. The question is not how often you go through rough patches in terms of assessing people but how easily you manage to lose the dead weight.

In the same context, sustaining relationships which would benefit you in the long run is a task in itself. It is as easy to drift apart from people as it is to get attached to them. You move places, lose touch and when you feel the dire need of assistance or company, you wish you knew them as well as you did before so you wouldn’t have to think twice before calling in any favors.

The recent fad of bollywood celebrities launching their own books, may it be an autobiography by Karan Johar or a fictional saga by Twinkle Khanna, the underlying concept is that all of them have realised the need to connect with their audience off- screen. It appears everybody has woken up to the call for having efficient public relations with people across the globe, and for a good cause too, for you never know when the person sitting right next to you in the coffee shop or the movie theatre could be your savior in a crisis.

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Akriti Sethi


Ecole Globale International Girls School Dehradun

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