Free Verse – The broken glass

The glass shattered in pieces
Crashed with an eccentrically soothing sound which I could not fathom
It drew me in, urged me to admire the potential mosaic
The riveting specs which you call contemporary art.

The broken glass but had a tale of its own.
Grimaced, winced and moaned yet spoke
I was once the medium of quenching your thirst
Now I can do nothing but anticipate being swept away

I could personify the sabotaged soul.
Crushed once, trodden upon twice.
So fiercely advocating loneliness
Yet at the mercy of the warm embrace of affection.

The human mind could perceive me in brilliant ways
Yet I knew all too well about fickleness
Neither was I meant for longevity
And listen now, listen well

I look alluring, that’s just as well
But if you fix me I would inject toxins
If you leave me be some naïve person would step on me
Either way, I present you agony on a platter.

Ah irrational being, you’re still staring.
What’s enchanting you, just do away with me
I get it; broken things are fascinating to look at
Maybe because they mirror your damage without any remorse.

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