The Great War

An obnoxious man once sat in his bureau and officially announced war
Spend fathomless, he said, and send our man wide and afar
Was the potbellied pig even remotely aware of his heinous sin?
The price of his signature was paid by vulnerable women and their oblivious kin

And with the onset of winter, the men stepped up their artillery game
Word began to spread and the multi nation conflict reached the peak of its fame
“We’ll be home by Christmas” the kids were assured by paters
True indeed they were, as their bodies were sent home four Decembers later

There came a point when the very purpose of war turned obscure
Yet neither the prayers faltered nor the families ceased to endure
As all came to a frightening calm, Mother Nature guffawed
And now is when you remorse for this wreck she roared

Whether or not the rubble outnumbered the bodies nobody knew
Because the people sent out to help were none to few
Eventually the calamity decayed and the lush of green sprouted once again
Even so there’s only so much that can be forgiven, the part takers repented in vain.

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